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Graardor is a RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content. It satisfies everyone from the monster killing community to the player killing community. Graardor brings you back to the enjoyable era of pre-EoC combat and features a great community that not many can accurately claim.

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Graardor News


Staff Updates

  28th January 2015:
  • Extreme Nick has been promoted from helper to moderator.

25th January 2015:

  • 200mslayerexp has been demoted from helper to player.

24th January 2015:

  • Virus Ex has been promoted from helper to moderator.

23rd January 2015:

  • L K Y B has been promoted from player to helper.

22nd January 2015:

  • SauerPauer has been promoted from global moderator to administrator.
  • Suffer has been promoted from player to administrator.
  • Benbon8 has been promoted from helper to moderator. 
  • 200Mslayerexp has been promoted from player to helper.

21st January 2015:

  • A Koala has resigned from moderator.

In-Game Updates

  19th January 2015:
  • Bank booster bug fixed.​
  • Farming herb patch with secateurs fixed.​
  • Statius warhammer not degrading fixed.​
  • Charm drop chances have been fixed.​
  • Darklight special has been boosted to 25% accuracy boost against demons.​
  • Tormented demons will now check the damage before reducing it when the shield is still on.​
  • Using items with a full inventory will now no longer give a 'Not enough room' Message.​
  • Dropping an item during an action should now cancel that action immediately.​
  • Cook pie spell now can only be used on Pie's.​
  • Cook pie spell now will always cook the pie, never burn it.​
  • Jadinko's have been removed from "Forbidden lair" teleport for less clutter. (Will be reIntroduced shortly)​
  • Forbidden lair stairs now bring you to the correct locations.​
  • Nex Changes:​
    • Heals 33% what is inflicted while using Blood attacks.​
    • Will be more likely to melee if your within melee distance​
    • Will now attack from a distance. (With increased damage)​
    • Shadow attack lowers Attack, Range & magic stats.​


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